i received a gift of the most beautiful virginia johnson crib bedding. the fabric is block printed by hand in india. you can see that it’s not made by a machine… there are areas where the ink pools together and other subtle “imperfections” that i love about hand printing. the reversible bumper fits our crib perfectly.

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  1. beautiful, the patterns and stripes are so lovely! is that the ikea gulliver? we gave ours to a friend, but i think i'm going to pick up another here in toronto. luckily for me, virginia johnson has a shop just a few blocks from our place!

  2. My daughter is expecting her first child (and my first grandchild!). She’s been pinning nurseries like crazy. One of them was from your blog and it featured crib sheets that were large polka dot in cream on a taupe field. Could you please tell me the manufactures name? I’ve been searching diligently and have not found any in that particular color scheme. Thank you in advance.

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