eli seems ready to switch from a crib to a toddler bed and i’m trying to find a bed that will fit his crib mattress and that he can toss around in without falling out. i saved this photo from years ago and i still love these beds. it was from a story about lisa mahar’s home– the owner of kid-o. i’m guessing they were probably custom made… does anyone know?


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  1. Sorry, don’t know about these beds….they’re really neat looking.

    But we have the Ikea crib (I think the same one you have) and turned it into a toddler bed. We screwed a nice piece of wood in at the side that we removed as a bumper. It’s only a few inches high but it keeps her from rolling out. It can also easily be removed if we ever need to use the crib again.

    • hi shayna!
      we tried twice taking the side off and maybe he just wasn’t ready… he really didn’t like it! so twice we put the side back on. but he can easily climb in and out…. so i was thinking maybe he needs a brand new bed to be excited about. i love that the bed is convertible though. i love that crib!

  2. Hi, Lena. Such a great bed. Maybe just alter the thickness and height of the planks for the “toddler cart bed” at desighnconfidential to have something similar? looks like you can leave off the metal edging.

  3. yikes, that is a pricey bed! but yeah, i bet you could have a carpenter make up something similar without too much trouble. leon has a regular ikea twin bed that’s low to the ground. we used to put blankets and pillows on the ground for a soft landing. he still falls off occasionally, but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much!

  4. Those look great, but I have to admit, I can’t wait to be able to sit on the bed next to Alex when he is out of a crib, and that would be awkward with this design. I like the idea of pillows on the floor next to the bed though.

  5. I’ve actually wondered for some time, why you are not going the Montessori way for Eli about sleeping (mattress on the floor) considering you background. Your insights interest me. Thank you in advance.

  6. You could make it yourself it would be quite easy just measure to the size of the mattress leaving a couple of inches around the edge for the quilt/blanket. Slats for the base or use the base from the cot. Local hardware store or carpenter will cut the wood for you put lockable castors on the bottom.

    Worth having a crack at it if you felt up to it.

    Helenb 🙂

  7. Lena, We had this toddler bed for Evan up until he was 4 (or 5 even?). I remember the toddler bed and article that you posted. I love that one, too. This one is more affordable and we had things like books & stuffed animals on the edge of the bed – later it became a launching pad 🙂
    We skipped putting Reed in it and went straight into having two twin beds. In many ways, it was too early at two for him to jump right into a twin. He still sleeps sideways in it because he likes the comfort of feeling the edges.

    Good luck!

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