some photos from around eli’s room… the light was not great today but i’ve been wanting to take some pictures of his room, which is much more of a kid’s room than a baby’s room these days.

what a strange week it’s been. we were hit by the hurricane monday. it’s was a very long day and night inside…. it was dark and incredibly windy all day and we went to sleep with news that the high tides were flooding manhattan and dumbo. tuesday we woke up to find that our house and neighborhood were in good shape– except for some big trees knocked down in the blocks around us. life started to feel back to normal, yet we heard news of all the destruction in NYC, NJ, etc. yesterday was halloween and eli had a great time– his first year enjoying and understanding it. now josh’s sister and niece are coming to stay with us– escaping their east village apartment which still doesn’t have heat or electricity. i’m thinking of everyone who is struggling now to get their lives back together.

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  1. What a lovely room…We are going to NYC next week for a visit (first time) and i’m thinking we should postpone the trip..would you recommend it? The news is showing all the destruction, but maybe most of NY is fine? Not sure what to do. We are from British Columbia, Canada..far this trip will probably be our only experience of NY.

    • hi amanda
      where were you planning to stay?
      there are areas that are back to normal and areas that are still very much not functioning.
      it would be a strange time to visit… but also an adventure if you are up for it. half of the subway system is down, and much of manhattan is still without power. it would certainly be a memorable trip if you came– but there are lots of things you likely wouldn’t be able to do that you normally would- especially in lower manhattan (the best part!).

  2. Love seeing bits of your home. It’s inspiring, beautiful & peaceful all at the same time. I can’t stop looking at the quilt in Eli’s bed, so lovely.

  3. hi lena! i’m currently expecting my 1st baby and was looking through your ‘wee textile’ archives to get some ideas about how to organize things and prepare. i love the idea of the moses basket, as my one bedroom apartment is not fit for a full-size crib (we hope to move a few months after the baby arrives). i was wondering where you got the basket/stand/organic linens. thanks!

    • hi alexandra, congrats! the moses basket was a gift so i’m not sure– but i think it was through an organic shop on amazon. we also got a stand for it, which i would recommend, so eli was at bed level.

  4. Your son’s room is so beautiful! It’s so funny that you say the light wasn’t so good that day, as the first thing I thought to myself when I looked at the pictures was how wonderful NYC light is– and something I miss so much. It just goes to show, it’s all relative. Here in Seattle the light quality is so very different, though I like it too– it’s just not as cheerful and crisp as that wonderful light you have back there.

    Thank you for posting these!

  5. Lena,

    Where did you find those wicker baskets/bins? Eli’s room without question is one of the most lovely nurseries I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you.

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