i’m happy to be offering a giveaway from a store that i love: estella in nyc. one person will receive $50 worth of clothing from their new bamboo collection (layette to 18mo). bamboo is supple, stretchy, and absorbs less moisture than other fabric– allowing a baby to move freely and stay drier. also, bamboo is a renewable material that grows quickly and causes less harm to the environment. all of estella’s products are beautiful, and i like to frequent their sale section!

to enter the giveaway, leave a comment with your name and email and answer this question: what baby/kid’s clothing items have you found to be the most practical, that you use day after day? mine are leggings, velcro shoes, and cardigans. i’ll close the giveaway and choose a winner at random on wednesday march 28th.


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  1. i agree with leggings and cardigans, as they are easy to get on and off, and can go over anything! i love these clothes.. so cuddly 🙂

  2. shirts of any kind – she tears off bibs, spews water, experiments with food and drools- we go through quite a few a day.

  3. we love sturdy denim overalls when they start crawling/toddling – easy to grab them from behind and scoop them up 🙂

  4. This is a tough one, because in all reality the most practical clothing item, used day in and out is a diaper. And whether you live in a cold or warm climate. In Vermont, practical means a hat! But I feel like having good pants are essential- soft or easy to get on an off. Whether due to the many diaper changes or with a wiggly baby to consider, pants need to be simple and quick to get on and off.

    Thanks for a lovely blog(s) and for the chance to play the Estella lottery. I love their stuff!

  5. I use both summer and winter hats with velcro chin straps so she can’t pull them off-although she is starting to figure it out!

  6. I love kimona style shirts, as they are easy on and off pieces. Button up sweaters and leggings are lovely too. Anything that provides easy clothing transitions, along with aesthetic pleasure, is huge in our house.

  7. ohh my, what beautiful baby goods. hmmmmm baby/kid staples of mine: gucio shoes!, wool socks, cotton pj’s (and wholly agree with your 3 picks, although my boys now refuse to wear cardigans. sad face)

  8. I use a cotton sleeveless sleepsack daily. Our son has pretty bad eczema, so really warm sleepers and sleep sacks were no good. He sleeps so much better now!

  9. Nelson was gifted a Patagonia fleece that he started wearing at 5 months. He is now 13 months and still somehow fits into it.

    BabyLegs. They stay in my diaper bag. ALWAYS.

  10. I’ve got a sweet 11-week-old boy, and our staples so far have been a lightweight zip-up hoodie sweater, stripey pants, & Trumoette socks that look like Chuck Taylors.

  11. lovely giveaway! i have a 9mo & we love plain white onesies (both short & long sleeve) & footed pants for the winter!

  12. Definitely leggings and t-shirts that has buttons on the shoulder, so it is easy to put on. And socks that stay on!!

  13. Beautiful clothes. My 14 month old lives in stripey onesies and his oishi-m jeans. And yes, leggings and cardies too.

  14. I’m not sure yet because I’m currently 5 months pregnant with my first.
    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful baby clothes!

  15. woolen underwear! long sleaves. sometimes with a little bit of silk inside. colors like the ones, you find here in the nature (which is a lot!!!)
    thank you, sheeps, especially the ones from iceland! you are kind beeings and very generous!

  16. Nice! Our staples for Alex are plain hoodies, cardigans, onesies and leggings. He wore a little woolen Peruvian cap all winter, and those soccasin type slippers. It’s hard to find socks that come up a bit higher, and simple onesies with long sleeves and long legs, but when we’re in Holland, we stock up because we love those too. They know their baby stuff there.

  17. wonderful giveaway! we’re prepping for baby #1 so I can’t answer out of experience, but I LOVE the versatility of leggings so am planning to sew up a bunch!

  18. I’m 7 months right now, and in nesting mode. Living in Northern Maine,
    I wear wool socks all year round so I think my lil one will need lots of
    wicking layers. I love that this bamboo line is made in the usa!

  19. For me, it would have to be sleepsuits, leggings and onesies – for everyday wear. This is a great giveaway!

  20. woo-hoo! Estella’s stuff is gorgeous, and I’m expecting my first babe in August. I can’t wait to dress the little guy or gal!

  21. For a long time it was leggings, especially in the chilly weather. These days it’s all overalls all the time – keeps curious hands from digging in the rear of the diaper, if you know what I mean… Great giveaway….

  22. Not sure yet – my first is due in May! We have already bought a lot of things in stripes…

  23. leggings and plain white onesies for sure….oh and my husband loved snap jammies when our daughter was really little

  24. I am pregnant with my first and due in a few months, but think that leggings and kimono style tops look like they would be the most verstile. Love the Estella line!

  25. Here in Cali we have found sun hats to be an indispensable item for my toddler son, William. I like the Hanna Andersson ones that tie under the chin because they are simple, washable and fit for a long time. I am expecting a little girl in May and would love to try out Estella’s new line. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Lena!

  26. i would love to try bamboo for baby #3 on the way! we can’t resist bloomers, hi-tops & bandanas!

  27. LOVE long sleeping shirts with elastic at the bottom for the night (easy for diaper change), onesies and stripy leggings with bold color socks. thanks!

  28. I’m pregnant with my first baby right now, so I don’t quite have an answer yet… but I’m hoping it will be one of the pieces from this bamboo collection, if I win. *fingers crossed*

  29. I love tshirts with snaps so my son doesn’t fight me pulling it over his head and his knit hat that my dad brought back from Peru.

  30. At night time I love sleep sacks – no attempting to match snaps on no sleep or worrying about zipping the baby’s skin accidentally.

  31. Alice (6 mo) has had such active legs since day one that my #1 top baby item is jersey booties that tie around the ankle. In the winter we put socks underneath and now in the summer they are worn alone kind of like pre soft leather shoe types. I am having a hard time finding them in 6+ months though… Also, she wears leggings every single day and I am looking for cropped ones for summer. We will most likely be using our fair share of short bloomer/diaper covers when it really gets cooking. I would also love to see more tunics for her age. Dresses are so silly for crawlers and tunics are perfect with leggings.

  32. ohhh those look so soft and lovely!!
    Through the winter and now with the summer coming up we love soft cute hats that fasten under the chin so she can’t get them off!

  33. I find us using white cotton onesies, lots of multi-colored socks, and a soft, quilted sleep sack for naps and nighttime sleeping.

  34. I love kimono style onesies, they are stylish but way more practical than the over the head kind. I also loved baby nightgowns for the first few months, easy access for late night diaper changes–no fumbling with buttons or zippers.

  35. Well, I am just embarking on this journey of motherhood, and am expecting my first child this coming Wednesday (3/28), so I’m not quite sure what I will find the most useful by way of clothing for baby. I now gravitate toward simple, staple pieces that I envision being versatile, soft, and natural. We’ll see how things go when Little makes his big entrance!

  36. BabyLegs! My now three year old finds all sorts of silly ways to wear them. They’re so great for crawling babes, easy diaper changes, keeping snow out of sleeves, securing socks, etc.
    Also, wool leggings and undershirts.

    You always post the cutest little things:)

  37. I am expecting my third any day now and this giveaway is so lovely. Thank you

    I would have to say that onesies were the most used article of clothing the first year,layering those with leggings and sweaters was the uniform for both boy and girl. Dresses and jeans are taking over as they get older though.

  38. I have a babe on the way so I can’t say just yet, but i’ve already started collecting leggings & simple tees.. a bunch from Estella!

  39. Bamboo sounds awesome. Socks that stay on and kimono onesies when they are teeny tiny. Leggings and one good sweater cardigan for a few months and on. Even at 6 these are my favorite items for my oldest.

  40. I definitely rely on overalls to keep my baby’s middle warm, cardigans and layers of thin shirts 🙂

  41. I use simple shirts and stretch pants on my daughter- it allows her to move freely and makes it easy to check for dirty diapers 🙂

  42. I cloth diaper and use fleece covers exclusively for day and wool shorties for night. I just couldn’t imagine going any other way then this. So for me fleece covers have been a MUST over other types.

  43. hi lena! greeting from vienna! all the winter my little one (2 years) wore a bodysuit and tights and on top a longsleeve tshirt und trousers. this way he looks more a boy than a baby!

  44. Well, I can’t answer your question because my first baby has yet to arrive (this summer!). I can definitely say that I love every style you put Eli in! I have sent a few folks a link to Wee Textile for gift inspiration. Thank you for sharing through this medium and thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  45. Hi Lena, My baby daughter was born in May, and it’s been so nice to follow your blog for inspiration and advice. All beautiful posts, and some really practical (cloth diaper resources, for example!)
    Anyways, my baby has lived in long-sleeved onesies and tights plus a hoodie for months now.. Now that she is moving around on playgrounds/grass, I like to through a pair of jeans overalls over her uniform 🙂 The most unexpected basic though has been her bandanas..My sister got her some striped ones for her hair when she was first born, but they were much more handy as drool catchers/bibs with a little flair. Now I make my own out of fabric scraps..it’s a little like the pic you had of Eli wearing a cloth napkin as a bib!

  46. I don’t know yet about clothes yet because our first child, a baby boy, is due in August. We would be thrilled to start his wardrobe with Estella NYC. Thank you!

  47. we now have two babies (the older one is 3!) and i love Trumpette socks and
    H&M jeans for kids. my son still uses his jeans from a year ago as cut-off shorts, and i’ll save them for my daughter. as for the socks, they actually stay on and i love
    their colors! so bright and cheery.

  48. This winter, thigh-high socks have been the best this to keep my 15 month old warm, since he’s always losing his socks. We also love cardigans and leggings.

  49. My son is just five days old, and right now he likes to be wearing just a t-shirt, diaper and blanket!

  50. I can’t get enough of my little lady in long-sleeved white onesies, jeggings, Trumpette Mary Jane socks and a bandana bib.

  51. I would have to say most definitely leggings and kimono style onesies. The kimono onesies were great when my babies were really little as it was always so hard to get normal onesies over their heads and wriggly little bodies!

  52. My son has a pair of wool leggings that he’s worn from age 9 months until 17 months and he still seems to have some room. Best baby staple ever.

  53. for small babies – kimono tops and sleep sacs with sleeves that turn inside out and serve as mittens… baby nails can be really long and “scary” for first-time moms to trim them…

  54. My baby clothing must-haves included: mini vamps (thick wool booties/socks) with ankle ties to keep them on the foot in every colour (much more practical than shoes for non-walkers), a thick wool bunting bag with sleeves and a hood for wearing inside the Ergo, and striped leggings (much more comfortable than pants/jeans and the perfect bottom for onesies).

  55. I’m expecting right now, so I haven’t yet been able to test out practicality! I’ve been buying leggings, cardigans, kimono onesies and kimono shirts…..so hopefully I’m hitting the mark!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I love Estella’s sweet clothing.

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