today is eli’s first birthday. i’m delighted to have a 1-year old! life feels easier as eli gets more independent, and i’m excited to see how he changes from one to two. this is a photo of me and my youngest brother. i was looking at old albums at my parent’s house and was amazed by how much eli looks like him.

discovering the world of beautiful children’s textiles has been so fun– and i’ve enjoyed having this outlet for posting about the lovely things i’ve come across. but it’s superficial, so i’m finding myself -especially this time of year- thinking about the more important things. it has been a very hard year for many of our friends. they’ve gone through tragedies that are among the hardest i can imagine. our close friend B lost his sister. our neighborhood friends M and S lost her young daughter. my friend J’s nephew has been in the hospital in a life-theatening situation. my aunt S lost her boss who was like a father. my friend W lost her father. two of my friends are trying to get pregant and haven’t been able to. i’m thinking of them all now, and appreciating all we have.


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  1. happy first birthday eli!!

    it’s been a rough year for so many friends, but somehow paradoxically our challenges have made me more aware of what’s good in the world.

  2. Superficial…

    Yes, I might use that word when comparing the world of childrens clothing to harder times of life, too.

    But I want to assure that the reason why I come to this site of yours is all the beauty you have succeeded to catch in the pictures. And that beauty in textiles, babies, milieus, everyday objects, is not shallow but sort of awaking and heart warming. And I enjoy you can do it without extra sentimentality! Plain beauty is so much more. Thanks for this blog, I wish all good for your next year.

  3. Lena, I’m so sorry to hear that this has been a difficult year for you and those you love. Hug that little one year old close…happy birthday, Eli!!
    Wishing for happier, healthier times for you and yours in 2012 and looking forward to more of the most meaning-laden superficial posts around. Your reverence for what is at the core of good design (and life) shines through. Much love.

  4. I really appreciate this post Lena. I think it is important to always be inspired and notice the beauty in everything around you, whether it be through art, fashion, music, theater etc…but if it becomes one’s main focus and causes you to forget the 2 most important things [in my opinion] which are family & friends and the relationships within each other, well then it’s just sad.

    Our good family friend Carol from where I grew up in Washington had a horrible almost life- threatening thing happen to her a couple years ago { } and since then, any time I find myself in the slums “mentally” I ALWAYS think of Carol and her situation and then say to myself: “shame on you Roxy, you know better, and have so much to be thankful for.” A book that has actually tuned into my sometime “self-cenetered” days and that has helped me get a clear perspective on things and myself is “A New Earth” by Eckart Tolle – My sister got it for me a couple years back and it drastically changed how I saw things, and how I personally behaved. Anyways, if you are ever in search of a good self-improvement book, that is one to read. And I didn’t recommend it because I think you need it… :-[) lol I just believe that as good as it is to improve one’s self externally through their work and continue to grow, it’s just as important [if not more] to work on one’s self mentally and emotionally…
    I am sad about your friends Lena, and the struggles they have had to endure. It really does remind you of what’s most important. :/

    Lastly, I just read your interview at momfilter and found it so lovely.

    🙂 xo

  5. i echo what many have already said. sorrow and well wishes for all you know and love who are having a difficult year. but a resounding note of appreciation for all the lovely that you notice and share with us here on this, and your other, spots online. i do think it’s just a bit of good, and not superficial at all.

  6. Hi, Lena. Thanks so much for your post. I also feel sometimes that my blogging can get superficial when life in real time is a struggle for myself and others around me . . . but then I worry about getting too personal and bringing people down if I focus too much on the negative. What’s the balance? All that said, I love your work and your photos that celebrate simplicity, beauty, and daily life. There’s depth you communicate visually even when you don’t write very much. Blessings to all those around you who are struggling and dealing with loss right now.

  7. Happy belated birthday sweet Eli! And happy new year Lena, may it be a beautiful and happy one. V is right on the mark, your reverence for things comes across so clear and does not feel superficial at all. I hope you continue to blog in 2012, you have the best taste and eye for things.

  8. please know that your eye for the subtle and beautiful and your talent within sharing that is very very appreciated and never seen as superficial. its grounded in something very meaningful. we all have hard times (some more intense) and that’s why distractions and outlets are even more appreciated. so, thank you for cultivating this space. an escape for us all no matter how things are going because we’re all in this (motherhood) thing together. best, emily

  9. Happy belated birthday to Eli! I echo all the good things that everyone has said already. I think the simple, beautiful things help us in our lives and cannot be seen as merely superficial. You provoked me to refocus in my own blog because I often worry about it being or becoming really superficial. I hope you don’t mind but I linked back to this post in my own. Have a great day xxx

  10. happy belated birthday, eli!

    i share the same sentiments as those who raved about the loveliness of your blog. thanks for making me see the simple things in life in such beautiful light…this is important and is hardly superficial at all.

  11. I always look forward to your wee textile posts – very inspiring. (And I especially love when you add children’s books you are reading – I’m constantly on the lookout for good (not trendy?) books for my 3 yr old and 10 mos old.) Hope 2012 is a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

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