top photo: rachael cole and i did a trade, something we talked about a while ago. i love my new village pillow!

bottom photo: i’ve been cleaning my studio and found “gnomie”, a doll my friend jonah hand knit in elementary school (he went to a waldorf school, where all students learned to knit a gnome).

it was easier for me to be picky about baby products before eli was here… i avoided having anything plastic and synthetic. but last week i was visiting a friend and eli tried out their vibrating baby seat and really liked it. her baby had grown out of it so she gave it to us, and it’s been great to have! but the synthetic microfiber was really bothering me, so i lined the seat with a lambswool blanket. it doesn’t bother me anymore, and i think eli finds the super soft wool really soothing. i know i should probably loosen up about this stuff– but i can’t help it!

feeling thankful every time i look around and see the special gifts for eli from friends and family…

+ cutest sneakers ever from erica
+ hand-me-down pants from baby leonard + karin
+ hand knit blanket from jane n.