because of this blog, i’m finding out about great children’s clothing lines by independent designers. i love these wool jersey pants from mabo! all of their clothing is made with natural fibers– wools and wool jerseys for winter and cottons and linens for summer. they recently partnered with a non-profit called global artisans that trains and hires refugees to help them gain self-sufficiency, and will be adding some of their knits soon.

i asked jenny to help me with knitting a baby sweater (you can see some of the gorgeous knitted goods from her clothing line here and here). i learned to knit when i was a kid, but as an adult i’ve only made one simple scarf, and that was years ago. for some reason i’ve stuck to crochet, after learning from cal and then illustrating a crochet book. but knitting seems much better for clothing, so now that i have brushed up on it, i’m scheming about all the things i can make! and knitting for a baby is perfect for me because the projects are small and fast.

jenny helped me find some great patterns and i chose a kimono style from this book. i was worried about the sizing, but i compared the finished back to a newborn sweater that i have and it seems just right. jenny is in mexico now, so as i’m waiting for her to get back and help me with the front panels, i’ve started on a second back, this time combining two alpaca yarns to make a thicker, warmer sweater.

if anyone has any patterns that they love, please post a comment!