he’s here!

Eli Corwin Dreier

born tuesday morning at 10:44am
weighing 7lb 9oz

we are all doing well!
feeling very happy and thankful for the little guy

just a quick little update to say i’m still pregnant!

six days past my due date and feeling good, but also very ready.
thanks for all the really sweet comments on my last post.

josh surprised me with a beautiful jacquard didymos carrier today. i had written about it here. he found it used online, for a good price, and it’s in great condition. so nice!

i had a doctor’s appointment today and i’m 4 cm dilated already. she said it’s a great sign for having an unmedicated vaginal birth, as i’m hoping for. lately i’ve been trying to mentally prepare for the possibility of the baby being “late”, so it was exciting to hear that he will probably come soon, maybe in the next few days. i’m finding myself focusing and zoning in on his arrival now… relaxing, feeling positive, and getting little things done around the house in preparation. i’ve read my ina may gaskin and penny simkin books, researched natural births online for months… and now i want to stop reading and start focusing inward, and enjoy the exciting time. this blog has been superficially focused on textiles and baby products, a fun part of all this– but of course i’m much more excited about the little human being we’re bringing into the world, and all that will mean in our lives (although this blog will stay focused on textiles in the future!). i might not post again for a little while. thanks everyone for reading!

i finished my first knitted sweater! it was so satisfying to complete.

i mentioned before that jenny agreed to help me with a baby sweater project. my knitting experience before this was VERY limited, and this pattern would have been too ambitious to do on my own, but jenny helped me along at every step. i knit the back piece, front two panels, and sleeves… next jenny helped me “block” all the pieces… and then sew them together and knit the finishing garter edges… lastly, i sewed on some wooden buttons from fog linen. with my amateur skills, that took me a month and a half. i’m so happy it didn’t turn out a disaster. it has some mistakes here and there… but i don’t mind at all!

first photo from odette ny.

the sweetest gift from tamar… a mini bird cage. like all of her work, it makes me smile and feels so special.

– – and some photos from tamar’s studio: