some thrift store finds for eli’s room… a soccer tapestry made of 3-dimensional dolls (from central america?) and a wooden banana and tomato.

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  1. Hi Lena! (it's emma) – the soccer applique textile is an arpillera! We had some in my house growing up and i have fond memories of staring at them – so visually engaging with the added 3-dimensionality. Even better, the art form has a really interesting history as a political tool of resistance in chile under pinochet not unlike the growth of capoeira in brazil …

  2. thanks Emma! i loved reading about the history of these in the link you posted… now I'm even more tempted to go back and get the 5 more that were at the thrift store!

  3. I'm in northern California now. hmmm, if I go back do you want one? they were $15 each. I got the one that looked the oldest. they aren't antique, they're newer… but probably a little old. not sure if I'll drive back that way though.

  4. Ah, thanks for the really sweet offer! But I think I'll start an online hunt for vintage arpilleras instead … Or maybe figure out how to make one myself!! Have fun in northern California!

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