i love the mice dolls of textile artist barbara sansoni. i went to school with a girl whose mother was a distributor (i think) of the dolls in the 80s/90s, so we had a lot of them. over time, we gave almost all away as gifts and i was left with just one. eli loves the one doll and i recently did some research online about who made them and where…

In 1958, Barbara Sansoni, a colourist, artist and textile designer created the Barefoot concept out of a need for a rehabilitation program for young Sri Lankan woman, who had limited schooling and skills. Each Barefoot toy is made by hand, beautifully and simply. They are made from 100% cotton hand-woven cloth. Today the company she founded has a small team of dedicated designers who work with their own dyers, weavers and skilled needle women.

i bought another so we now have a boy and a girl. i was very tempted to buy more. they have such personality and i love the fabric.

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  1. I love the barefoot toys as well! So beautiful and also very durable. I didn't know the story behind the concept – but it surely only makes it all even better 😉

  2. we have a boy and girl mouse too. They are among my favorite toys of my girls. We bought them before our first was born and they are still in great condition. I especially love the details on the clothing.

  3. i also have a boy+girl mouse. got them on the isle of skye in scotland. the girl is unnamed, but the boy is simon, named after the little boy in the book, the bone people

  4. Fun to know the story behind the couple of mice that my gran got me in the early eighties and that my little boy is now playing with!

  5. beautiful! I bought one of their gorgeous dolls for my daughter last year and she's very loved! She has funky fuchsia hair too!

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