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  1. those are the aiden + anias swaddlers i want. i looked on amazon and the reviews were very mixed on this particular set, which is made of bamboo instead of a+a's typical cotton. reviewers said they pill after the first wash and the design becomes scratchy against the baby's skin. any way you could ask (adorably-perfect) veda's mom if she's found this to be true? would be so grateful…

  2. was so fun to hang out with you and Eli, Lena! as for the blankets, I haven't found them to be scratchy at all. I've washed them a lot and while they no longer look brand new, I wouldn't say that they've pilled. I think the wear is pretty normal and to be expected. I love them!

  3. thank you, heather! i totally love the prints, so, on your recommendation, i am going to keep pining for this particular set. 🙂

  4. We use the aidan and anais muslin cloths and they have also been washed (using ecostore laundry powder) many times, haven't pilled and they are still really soft. Also, I must say I really like the fade of the prints.

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