i love batik; it reminds me of my childhood in the late ’70s in san francisco. there’s a batik store on atlantic avenue called the melting pot that i’ve passed for years and always wanted to go into. i finally did go in last week, and i bought a couple things for eli. the VW beetle sweatshirt makes me especially nostalgic for san francisco (it also reminds me of these marimekko sheets that i had as a kid). i tried batik once in college and it wasn’t too difficult. i’d love to do it again.

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  1. Yes! I love how batik is so soft. There is always something rather dreamy and gentle about it. Perfect for little ones, I think. And that green is so divine too! It is still so hard to imagine that our landscape will be blanketed in that very color soon. I can't wait. Hope this finds you well! a.

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