we have a routine of eli watching cartoons after his bath. i started a youtube list of our favorites here. i love classic cartoons, but sometimes they can be too violent! the video quality of the old cartoons is pretty bad, but eli doesn’t care. let me know if you have favorites you think we might like.


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  1. We watch the old classics, but mostly we watch Little Bear (based on the books by Else Minarik and Maurice Sendak). My daughter and I absolutely love the show and the books. The first two seasons are so sweet and perfect for young children. The third and fourth seasons are fine, just not as great.

  2. Have you seen thekidshouldseethis.com? It’s a fabulous collection of youtube videos that are good for kids, without necessarily being made for kids — science, music, art etc. For cartoons, we’ve found Kipper to be the gentlest for younger kids.

  3. My son really liked Felix The Cat, but also the old Disney and Bugs Bunny. We tried some different newer ones like Pingu and Peep and the Big Wide World. The Super Music Friends Show from Yo Gabba Gabba is excellent too….all the awesome people that did music pieces for kids…viewable on Youtube….(I think i liked this the most)…but they are all good. My daughter liked Miyazaki films but my son has only recently been interested in them.

  4. My girls loved Peep and the Big Wide World, Franklin, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and of course Little Bear!! The classic Sesame Street episodes are also a must-see!

  5. You might like the cartoons by ZdenÄ›k Miler. There are a lot on YouTube, all of them are lovely. Lotte Reiniger’s ten minute silhouette animations of fairy tale stories are simply amazing. Thumbelina (Däumelinchen) is especially striking.

    What an age we live in that we can watch these rare, old films so easily!

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