top photo: rachael cole and i did a trade, something we talked about a while ago. i love my new village pillow!

bottom photo: i’ve been cleaning my studio and found “gnomie”, a doll my friend jonah hand knit in elementary school (he went to a waldorf school, where all students learned to knit a gnome).

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  1. hi lena! and eli! lovely gnome
    did you enjoy waldorf? my daughter will be starting waldolf cresche next september she will be 18 months , did you like it? i mean… school is different but still, i´d love to know your oppinion – gracias!

  2. Thanks Lena! Such nice photos. I love my goodies too. The calendar is stunning. It's going right over the crib.

  3. Love the colors of the pillow. And the little gnomie of course. I have my heart set on waldorf schools for when I have wee ones.

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