there are lots of great options for cloth diapers. after reading about them all, i chose to go with old fashioned pre-folds because i’m most familiar with them, having used them when i had a busy babysitting career (middle school through post-college). i ordered the organic indian cotton prefolds from green mountain diapers. they’re beautiful textiles in their own right! they come smooth and then they plump up and pucker after washing. each size has a different color edge stitch.

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  1. You're right, these are lovely textiles! And the colored stitching is really sweet. I still kind of wish I'd had the wherewithal (and washing machine) to try cloth diapers….

  2. You've chosen wisely! These are much easier, nicer, simpler, cheaper, and drier than the all-in-one cloth diapers. Cheap, simple nylon Dappi covers and snappis go great with these. Congratulations!

  3. Are you using a cloth liner as well? It's not really an issue til 6 months or so, from what I've heard. I bought thirsties covers for mine – better than the cheap plastic pants and cheaper than wool soakers (although if you could make the soakers it might not be so bad) and snappis instead of diaper pins. Keep us up to date on how it goes for you! I bought some all-in-ones to use for convenience sometimes, too.

  4. thanks mjb, it's nice to hear what others are using. i wish i could get the lovely wool covers too! i read that the newborn cloth diapers can later be used for liners, but i guess i'll figure that out when we get there!

  5. i know the wool covers seem expensive, but you can re-use them many many times (unless there are diaper explosions) before washing and lanolizing. you might want to try diaperswappers for secondhand wool covers, and etsy is a good source. i have two wool covers, but i think you could get by with in full-time rotation.

    i thought i would re-use the PUL covers, but i find i'm too lazy to wipe them down or rinse them, so that adds to the laundry pile.

    as for PUL, i'm a fan of thirsties' duo wrap cover for leon's skinny build. i love GMD's pre-folds, they're so absorbent. i also use a doubler for naps.

  6. I have a one-month-old son and have rekindled my love of prefolds with him (whereas with my daughter I primarily used fitted diapers). I actually love the process of prefolds (though I use Snappis and not safety pins)…they look so charming on the baby. Have fun with them!

  7. i use thirsty covers and also the flip covers…i like the flips because they don't get damp along the edges like the thirsty wraps.

  8. looks just like my stack here now! they are beautiful textiles esp fresh from the dryer.

    i do have a question for some of these cloth diapering parents: i am using Allens Naturally (highly recommended for CD) and i still am having stains from exclus breastfed baby, is that normal? i do a cold rinse, hot wash, then additional rinse.
    just curious 🙂

  9. Diapers! I think moms could take about their methods all day.

    I used bummi covers in white (no clips or pins needed) and used a diapering service until he was maybe 4-5 months. After that I somehow ended up using G diaper covers with infant size prefolds. G diapers are kind of cute (although they don't hold up as well as I'd like) and it's not as much plastic stuff. Plus you can use the flushable/biodegradable inserts traveling. We use pocket diapers at night with a prefold and an insert. He still is soaking wet in the morning sometimes.

    I'm glad to find you've ventured into babies – I bet you will find lots of lovely things to inspire us with! Thanks for all your sharing…

  10. hi! thanks for sharing what you use, joya and sarah. it seems that everyone finds what works for them- but it's really helpful to hear what others are doing.

    joya, i was wondering about staining too, of the off-white diaper covers that i've gotten. they looks so pretty now, but the natural color seems so impractical! i was thinking when they start to stain i will dye them a dark color. getting out stains sounds so tedious!

  11. Diapers are made of cloth or synthetic disposable materials. Cloth diapers are composed of layers of fabric such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or microfiber and can be washed and reused multiple times. Disposable diapers contain absorbent chemicals and are thrown away after use. Plastic pants can be worn over diapers to avoid leaks, but with modern cloth diapers, this is no longer necessary.:,

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