it was easier for me to be picky about baby products before eli was here… i avoided having anything plastic and synthetic. but last week i was visiting a friend and eli tried out their vibrating baby seat and really liked it. her baby had grown out of it so she gave it to us, and it’s been great to have! but the synthetic microfiber was really bothering me, so i lined the seat with a lambswool blanket. it doesn’t bother me anymore, and i think eli finds the super soft wool really soothing. i know i should probably loosen up about this stuff– but i can’t help it!

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  1. … i was much pickier before noa was born aswell. now he gets presents from the family – and even if i try to communicate as good as i can what we like, we end up with stuff we don't. but indeed – i try to loosen up about that aswell.

  2. he looks adorable. i am picky too. and the baby's not even born yet, so we'll see how i do when he or she comes into our lives in a few short months. 🙂

  3. I totally understand you! We still try to avoid anything synthetic – but sometimes you also have to look upon what's working, and a good baby's sleep is such a pleasure for everybody 😉

  4. That's not even that bad looking! I am breaking down and getting Leo an exersaucer, have you seen what those look like? ha! I'm getting one in the neighborhood for $10 so I figure it saves it from a landfill and only lasts for a few months anyhow. Eli looks so cozy!

  5. me too! but a sleeps skin makes everything better doesn't it?I really hate wearing synthetics, why subject a baby to it? I really want to get some sort of swing or bouncer, but we don't have much room for some of the nicer ones that have stands, but this one seems not so bad….

  6. hi everyone!

    laura, i know– it's not even a bad one! i do know the exersaucer, and i'm sure i'll end up getting one too. i've seen how entertained babies are in them. that's great you found one used in your neighborhood. maybe i can take it off your hands when leo is one with it…

    jules, i bought a swing (i picked one that was least unappealing to me on amazon), but eli is too young for it. i'm planning to try it again in a couple months. if you want to borrow it, let me know!

  7. We did the same thing! At 1st it was all organic cotton and wooden toys, and little by little I'm afraid we just slipped into going for whatever the baby liked (read kept him happy and entertained, and not crying!). Sadly sometimes he doesn't have the best aesthetic/environmentally conscious taste! But we had a sheepskin for Emmett too, he loved it, and we used it on the ground forever with a little wooden baby gym hanging over him to reach for.
    Eli looks so happy and snuggly in there! I think that's the most important thing!

  8. Its ok its kind of important to consider the environment that we bring our babies into. Its a good example of reuse and Im sure that will continue when Eli grows out of it. Everything in moderation I say. As for the sheepskin, my girl had one and loved it and was using it when she was 10! She would sleep on it in her bed. I still have it all washed and stored away ready for any grandchildren that may come along. They are really great in the summer heat too with a cotton sheet on it then the baby, it keeps bubs lovely and cool.

  9. oh i can relate to the picky-ness. before alden was born, we received loads, literally LOADS of hand-me-downs from many generous friends and friends of friends and i, in my nesting fussiness turn 99.9% of it back out into craigslist land, only to find that we could really have used about half of it. oh well!
    the skeep skin is an awesome solution.

  10. I think it's a gradual process. I've found there are many things I've let go, and others I worry about more than I expected to.

  11. the process continues… for years (my oldest is fifteen). & the vibrating seat saved me through the last two kids (eight & just barely three now).

  12. he's sweet! it's good to be concious, aware and "picky" even about the things you are bringing into your home. in my case our families are the worst when it comes to giving us things we don't need/want! they mean so well, but they end up getting things that i would never think/want to buy!! i'm due with my second anyday now and my mother just gave me a bunch of synthetic "soft and cute" things that i want no where near her! it's frustrating…

  13. oh, and i also told her that i was using cloth diapers and she bought me a CASE of pampers anyway! ugh, i quickly donated them to a nearby shelter…

  14. this is so funny – we've tried to avoid plastics, too, but my in-laws gave us a swing/bouncy chair combo and we gave in and use the chair often BUT we lined ours with a snugglewool too!

  15. he looks so peaceful. I still find it funny when my kids like something I don't but always try to find a compromise. I would have added the lambswool blanket, too.

  16. so beautiful and cozy. just one gentle caveat from a mama of an 8 month old girl: your wee one WILL have a poopie-blowout in this seat sometime in the future, so just beware if this is something you cherish and/or don't want to wash often! we dreaded the bouncy seat but their fabric covering was easy to take off and on and throw in the washer – which i had to do at least 10 times!

    ps–love your blog. stumbled upon here thanks to cup of jo!

  17. I know how you feel. I try to go as natural as possible, however, I couldn't parent without a vibrating bouncy chair. I'd never get my showers otherwise!

  18. as moms we have much more important things to worry about. Sometimes I get carried away as well but at least we are trying our best to improve the future of our offspring by making the best choices we can. On the other hand, you are recycling the chair 😉

  19. Really he looks adorable. It is absolutely essential to choose the soft and delicate clothes for your child. The eruptions are common among infants and it is necessary to buy soft cotton clothes that make your baby feel comfortable.

  20. I've been reading your other blog for years and have only just realised you now have this one too. What a sweet babe!

    I was/am the same with my son. However from when he was about 6 months I relented and just gave him/put him in whatever saved my sanity. Once he turned one and everything became SO much easier, I was able to get rid of all the plastic junk (that he'd lost interest in anyway).

    Now if only I could get the in-laws to stop buying him cartoon branded clothing…

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