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  1. ohh, that vermont place looks amazing. what a wonderful idea. there is a waldorf school in brooklyn that offers a parent-child class. not exactly the same idea, but the activities would be the same. i have a friend who takes it…

  2. Dearest Lena
    Thank you so much for featuring The SongYard on your beautiful blog, my goodness, what an honor! I am overwhelmed by the kindness of both you and Rebecca. It is a special place, a very special place and although aesthetically it is charming the real beauty is the hum of conversation, the sweetness of the littles, the life, love, and support that permeates its walls. I am blessed to be able to share this with all that enter.
    Thank you from the depth of my heart
    Most sincerely

  3. Waldorf is amazing! My daughter attends school here in California and I feel so blessed to have found it. You should look into it…the quality of awareness and sensitivity that is created for children is awe inspiring. Thanks for the post!

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