i like unisex style clothes for baby boys, rather than clothes that look like little men… but i’ve start to amass a small pile of button down shirts. they look like mini steven alan– pretty cute.

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  1. Similarly, I seem to favor unisex styles for my little one, though she's a she. Sometimes we get, "Oh, he's so cute!" or "Hey, little guy!" but that's fine with me. The thought of buttoning up layers of ruffles and tugging on complicated dresses was always too much to bear after long nights of no sleep. Onesies, kimono-style shirts and knit pants every day, all day!

  2. I love plaid shirts for little boys – like skipping right to the old man stage. But I'm curious to know if once he's here I choose to dress him in a much more convenient style.

  3. katie,
    my mom told me she used to dress me in tees and overalls, and since i didn't have much hair until i was a year old, she often got "he's so cute!"… she just smiled and said thanks!

    these plaid shirts that i've found are bigger than most of the other clothes i've bought, they're for 12-24 mo. i agree they'd be too fussy for a small baby.

  4. hi lena! i love this new blog, i understand you very well as im 8 months pregnant and sudenly im really interested in baby´s stuff around the net… there are so many beautiful things ♥♥

  5. those are adorable. i refused to put alden in a collar (except when visiting grandparents who gave us such things) until he was toddling around. tiny babies definitely do best in simpler clothing that shows off their baby-ness, but once they're walking, toddler boys do look pretty amazingly cute in plaid shirts and jeans.

    incidentally, even when als is dressed in his most "boyish" outfits, he is still regularly mistaken for a girl.

  6. I love a vintage dress on my one year old girl, but can't stand all the modern pink clothes with princesses and glitter. And I think if I have a boy next time I will love shirts on him, but not all the modern monster truck prints and stuff. Even now I have to stop myself from buying little shirts in thriftstores "just in case I will have a little boy one day". Keeping to the dresses so far, but when I am pregnant next time I will probably buy shirts…
    And my girl has a lot of gender neutral clothes and not a lot of hair, always gets mistaken for a boy, especially since her winter outdoor wear is dark blue.

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