i enjoyed this interview with yolanda edwards on cup of jo. i’ve admired yolanda’s work (for cookie magazine, martha stewart living, and her site momfilter) for years. i wonder sometimes what my life would be like if i had continued to work for full-time for big companies. in my mid-twenties i was working my way up as a textile and graphic designer and i was making more money than i do now. sometimes i miss the glamorous side of those jobs (especially the travel). mostly i love the freedom i have now and the varied work i do, but i wish i could lead parallel lives and try both!



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  1. I really like these interviews. I find it interesting that many of these women have husbands with flexible work schedules. I admire her honesty about the hard balancing act. I used to travel a lot for research, and now I’ve had to select topics that are closer to home. I miss traveling, but I now feel the pull of home, too, and can’t bear to be away for more than a day or two.

    By the way, i selfishly wish you would design more textile prints! As a non-designer, I often feel greedy about other people’s talents 😉

  2. thanks erica, that’s sweet of you to say! i hope to get back to textiles too. right now i’m most interested in book projects, for some reason….

    i’m both such a homebody and i crave travel…. i think it would help if josh, eli, and i did more small trips together. but every trip is to visit family– which is nice, of course, but i miss exploring new places.

  3. Lena, really enjoy your blog – even though I rarely comment it’s the only one I never stopped reading over the years. Love both your taste and your thoughtful non-design related posts.

    I was working in the fashion magazine industry in my mid twenties before going freelance 2006 (I mainly write fashion and design related books now). Love the freedom (especially with two toddlers) and the diversity but I also miss the glamorous side of the industry (and sometimes the feeling of being involved in ‘something bigger’). I definitively think travelling helps a lot. We did a seven week trip to Japan almost two years ago and I still draw inspiration from it!

  4. hi simone,
    nice to hear from you. a seven week trip to japan is my dream trip! i know i would find so much inspiration. i feel really connected with japanese design, yet i’ve never been.

  5. isn’t it so true
    as a mother you already sort of live parallel lives, or at leas some times i feel i need to be many different people.
    I have put my own work on hold to start our family run wine domain, i love what choosing that road has brought to my life but can’t help wonder what i would be doing if i had gone down a different path.
    let’s hope our lives are long and we can do a million different things in them.
    p.s definitely travel if you can make it happen, you can collect so many experiences put them away in your mind and use them for inspiration for so very long.

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