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  1. i just found your blog, and really love it!
    congratulations to both of you on your lovely little one! so nice to see babies in slings!

  2. is it good ? is it stretchy? i wear matilda on a sling all the time, she is 10 months now and i want to buy another one so i can wash it more often! do you recommend this one? mine is called binana, made out of bambu, lovely

  3. I'm enjoying these peeps in to your new life Lena. It looks like you're having a wonderful time with your little guy 🙂

  4. hi marta
    i love the didymos, but it is not as stretchy as the moby. the only plus of the didymos really is the beautiful fabric!

  5. thank you lena!i know, i love that fabric, mine is cream colour and it was great in the summer but bored of it now, i am a textile designer after all .. – i will make my own then! if it works i´ll share it with you for the advice – enjoy your beautiful baby

  6. hey lena, I'm looking through your archives as I get ready for baby #3. I'm so curious about this wrap (it's just so pretty!) but I want to make sure it's something that I will put to serious use. I plan to wear this baby all the time and am wondering if I should go with this or a moby…advice? thank you!

  7. hi erin!
    congrats on #3 on the way. the didymos is so beautiful. but, other than that it's the same as the moby… and the moby is a little easier to tie because it's stretchier. but i loved the didymos because the material is so lovely. i would be happy to lend it to you! it's just taking up space in my drawer right now and i won't be having a #2 for a while. email me your address!
    lenacorwin (at) gmail.com

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