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  1. I used cloth when my girl was a baby and wooley overpants that were super absorbant. For nighttime I would use older worn nappies folded and placed down the middle of the nappy. She wore these right up till she went into undies. I had no problems washing them was not that much extra work and there was something really satisfying stringing clean nappies in a row to dry on the line.

  2. my little lenna is just 8 months but i already miss those sweet and spindly newborn legs poking out of cloth diapers.

    sweet pictures.

  3. how many washes would you say you've done a week? all we have right now is coin-op and we're on the fence on whether or not to buy the pre-folds or get into a diaper service and I'm trying to estimate the cost difference.

    Eli is so cute Lena. you must be so proud!!

  4. we looooove GMDs! And they are beautiful (and adorable on your little one). But we've recently fallen for GMD workhorse fitteds, which are made of their prefold fabric (I got really tired of prefolds after a few weeks). Definitely recommend them if you end up wanting some fitteds.

  5. SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I have three of these and cloth diapered all of them, when it was not so easy and trendy (dare I say) over thirteen years ago. Eli is precious! enjoy every minute during those early morning feedings. That is what I miss the most.

  6. there is nothing nicer than seeing cloth nappies on the line! we are using them despite everyone telling us it would be too much work. it is so satisfying and folding them is actually therapeutic!

  7. I love this pic! and as a cloth diaper user for many years I am so glad to know you are using cloth nappies on your baby. Of course you do, you love textiles 🙂 Disposables are disgusting!!

    I wish you and your baby all the best

  8. thanks for the tips! i also have a newborn and have been having troubles with my current "hybrid" diapers and am switching to traditional cloth diapers…my order from gmd arrived today!
    thanks again, green mountain diapers are a find!

  9. cloth diapers are so easy. both of my girls wore them until they decided to wear underwear. washing them is the easiest laundry ever.

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