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  1. Hi Lena, I love seeing Eli’s new clothes and I admire your confidence in dressing him in girl’s sections too, perhaps it’s easier in Brooklyn than rural France! Tell me, are the cardigans DVF too from Gap? Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth, just the leggings are DVF and the sweater is from the regular Gap line, you can find it online under their ‘favorites’ section. I hesitated for a moment over the leggings, more because of the bold pattern than being from the girl section, but I think they’re fun! I think of France as being more gender neutral with children’s clothes than the US – but maybe with infants more than for young kids?

    • Hmm, not sure…perhaps it’s just embedded in us to only buy from boy’s sections for boys and vice versa. My mother was shocked I had my young son in leggings even though they were Zara boys! Anyway, your style is very inspiring and it’s good to “go against the grain” especially when it looks so good! Look forward to the next pictures.

  3. having moved away from nyc last summer, how i miss the gapkids on 5th avenue. i found many many wonderful pieces for my daughter (on the sale rack, yay!) there over the first three years of her life.

  4. Having read your blog for some time I couldn’t have not posted a comment tonight!My sons first “leggings”were from GAP (here in Vancouver BC) and they were cow print almost like the ones shown.I got flack but to be honest why is cow hide a girls ONLY thing?our society is a tad funny if we can’t buy clothing for our babies in different sections of the store! I have noticed that all the bright jeans such as neon green and blue are only in the toddler girl section in GAP,I think I may buy some soon for my 2 year old son 😉

  5. nice shades of grey I love the leggings nice to see boys getting to enjoy the comfort of leggings when my big girl was a little girl only girls wore them.

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