he’s here!

Eli Corwin Dreier

born tuesday morning at 10:44am
weighing 7lb 9oz

we are all doing well!
feeling very happy and thankful for the little guy

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  1. fantastic news – congratulations! and better yet? my birthday to boot. send the little guy over to the me day he starts lamenting the very-close-the-christmas birthdate.

  2. What a dear profile! Congrats, lovely girl – I hope the birth was terrific and that you float through the next many days.



  3. Beautiful! I thought of you on Christmas, and was wondering if you were going to have a Christmas baby. Congrats, what a sweet, cozy family. Love your home photos too. Have fun in your winter wonderland.

  4. I was born on Jan 1st and my parents were mad because they missed out on the tax deduction! So well done, baby Eli, coming just in time!

    But more seriously, he's beautiful, Lena! Congratulations to you all!

  5. Ohh! He's sooo cute! My little one (Oliver) was also born on Tuesday. Looking forward to keeping up with lil Eli on your blog.

  6. Congrats, Lena!!!! Take it easy & enjoy this time with your little man. Griffin is already "so big" 🙂 I look back on photos from three months ago & can hardly believe he was that small!

    Hope you & Eli are doing great & feeling well.


  7. oh!! he arrived on my birthday!! i've been catching up on your posts from the past few weeks, he is so precious and i'm loving all the little knitted things he's wearing/cuddling in. congratulations!!

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