josh surprised me with a beautiful jacquard didymos carrier today. i had written about it here. he found it used online, for a good price, and it’s in great condition. so nice!

i had a doctor’s appointment today and i’m 4 cm dilated already. she said it’s a great sign for having an unmedicated vaginal birth, as i’m hoping for. lately i’ve been trying to mentally prepare for the possibility of the baby being “late”, so it was exciting to hear that he will probably come soon, maybe in the next few days. i’m finding myself focusing and zoning in on his arrival now… relaxing, feeling positive, and getting little things done around the house in preparation. i’ve read my ina may gaskin and penny simkin books, researched natural births online for months… and now i want to stop reading and start focusing inward, and enjoy the exciting time. this blog has been superficially focused on textiles and baby products, a fun part of all this– but of course i’m much more excited about the little human being we’re bringing into the world, and all that will mean in our lives (although this blog will stay focused on textiles in the future!). i might not post again for a little while. thanks everyone for reading!

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  1. Best, best, best wishes for your birth. We just had a little guy in June, and Ina May's book rocked my socks; I could have skipped everything else I read. For months after the birth it was all I could do to refrain from telling all pregnant women to "horse lip" through their contractions! Sending you patience and stamina!


  2. yes—ina may! by far my favorite book that has been passed down to me in regards to birth.
    i've been enjoying your wee-blog very much…and it is wonderful to hear your thoughts as you get so close to giving birth. (i'm due in 4 weeks).
    best wishes…

  3. I'm so excited for you, Lena! I hope you enjoy your next few days–what a happy time for you and Josh. Best of luck for a smooth arrival…can't wait to meet the little guy!


  4. I had one medicated birth and one natural, and they were both incredible, mind-blowing experiences. I hope you get to have the birth experience that you're hoping for, and that everything goes smoothly! I'm sending you good birthing vibes!

  5. Omigosh! It is so exciting, and nerve-wracking! Enjoy these last few moments of silence and sleep alot! My son just turned nine months old, and I still remember those first few weeks as being completely sleep-deprived! It will get better and easier, and it is an incredible and powerful feeling knowing that you have brought another human being into the world. I wish you both a happy and healthy birth. Good luck!


  6. oh lena, my heart aches in such a good way for that magical time! but they're all magical from now on. happy, calm and positive thoughts and wishes for you and your little family. <3

  7. lena and josh – your world is about to be rocked forever in the best way possible…you will be wonderful parents. each child makes a difference in the world – your little boy is already a unique wishes to all of you.. pat k.

  8. Preparing for a baby is such a wonderful time, I've really enjoyed seeing the things you've gathered together.
    Best wishes for the birth – I've had two natural births, most recently in October this year, and they were the most amazing days of my life. But no matter how things go on the day, it is so exciting that you will get to meet your baby soon.

  9. just wanted to say thank you for sharing, i love your inspiring blogs and also that i'm sending positive energy from the midwest your way for a wonderful birth! best to you, lena.

  10. what wonderful news! knowing that first babies are late i have also been mentally preparing myself for that, and preparing early! (not due till april). best of luck and enjoy this time!

  11. I love your outlook! I gave birth to my son last spring – staying positive and focusing inward were definitely key to helping me do it naturally. It was an amazing experience. Best wishes to you!

  12. You can do it!! When I was prepping (and in labor) I tried to remember all the women in history who had given birth before me, without any of our newfangled medical technology. If they did, it so could I! And if you're already almost halfway there, even better.

    congratulations, good luck, and oh all the delicious little cliches that come with meeting your baby for the first time. It's the most miraculous extraordinary moment in all the universe.


  13. dear lena, best wishes for a beautiful birthing experience. it is so wonderful to think of all of the women who became mothers before us. such a powerful thing, an undeniably creative force.

  14. don't forget–you're not late until after 42 weeks! get plenty of rest and bring food with you to the hospital, i think most people end with an epidural not because of the pain, but from exhaustion. you can absolutely do it! honestly i don't really know how women are able to give birth while numb–it's hard enough to organize all the muscles you need to push when you can feel them. ok, enough with the unsolicited advice. i just tried my wool covers on leo again and they are too small! do you want to borrow them? enjoy your last moments as the two of you!

  15. Good Luck Lena
    Enjoy your family time. Thanks for all your wonderful posting and we will enjoy your blogging when you get back.

  16. this is such a beautiful collection here . . .
    thank you!
    you have such good taste.
    there is nothing like wrapping up a baby in cloth, making them warm.
    my youngest is three today which is so hard to believe. i still wrap him up each night, bundled in all sorts textiles- and my daughter too.
    i don't think i will ever make them or find them enough blankets:)
    you will love being a mama, it's an unbelievable journey i'm sure will come so naturally for you.

  17. oh good luck! just try to keep your expectations in check and mind open for how things might play out 🙂
    i was 4cm at a friday appt and my doctor said (kind of out loud to herself rather than to me) "you're going to have this baby this weekend". i could tell she was thinking about her schedule! i had him on monday (i was soo anxious all weekend). you are off to a good start. and SO exciting!! it's just amazing how they quickly become little amazing people… there's nothing better in this world to watch.

  18. so excited for you lena! i love you're approach- turning inward and focusing on the little miracle that you are soon to meet. i wish you a wonderful, natural childbirth!! you seem well prepared.. now it is just time to let nature take it's course!

  19. i'm so, so excited for you!!! and 4 centimeters dilated–that's amazing and will give you such an awesome start when you go into labor (maybe you already have!) so excited for you!!!! xoxoxoxo

  20. Good luck I wish you a magical experience. I have really enjoyed seeing the collection of lovely lovely textiles gathered for your baby to be.

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