i finished my first knitted sweater! it was so satisfying to complete.

i mentioned before that jenny agreed to help me with a baby sweater project. my knitting experience before this was VERY limited, and this pattern would have been too ambitious to do on my own, but jenny helped me along at every step. i knit the back piece, front two panels, and sleeves… next jenny helped me “block” all the pieces… and then sew them together and knit the finishing garter edges… lastly, i sewed on some wooden buttons from fog linen. with my amateur skills, that took me a month and a half. i’m so happy it didn’t turn out a disaster. it has some mistakes here and there… but i don’t mind at all!

first photo from odette ny.

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  1. Looove the sweater! It's sooo lovely! I am on my way to buy some yarn and start knitting one for my baby girl who's arriving in April! One quick question though, you wash each piece separately after you are done knitting them? What's your tip?
    (Your blog is amazing by the way!)

  2. hi daniela,
    yes- you wet each piece, gently wring them out, roll them in a towel, and then pin them on a surface, shaping the pieces while pining them down. google "blocking sweater pieces" (maybe you can find a youtube video?) for better directions. it's a really important step. have fun!

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