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  1. oh, good. i was feeling guilty about not having packed mine yet, and i am not due for another 4 weeks. =)

    are the above going-home outfit options?

  2. it's confirmed… you will have the best dressed baby in the world!

    all the best – just breathe deep and try to enjoy the moment. which will be tough but giving birth to my baby is a memory that I will cherish forever. 🙂

  3. i love that blanket? mind if i ask where it's from? i'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. it's delightful. all the best to you and your baby!

  4. i say wait on the bag. i always waited til i was actually in labor to pack it. it gave me something to do in the midst of all the excitedness and waiting and laboring.

    such sweet things you have for your boy.

  5. In Sweden you get to stay for 2 nights w firstborn, 1 night w following and 3 nights in case of c-section. Now expecting our third, here are my favorites for THE BAG; comfy slippers, cosy AND beautiful robe, NO low waisted trousers in case of unplanned c-section (which is just as memorable and beautiful as reg, should it happen!), buttoned shirt/blouse, cardi, mini organic spa-pack w shampoo and the rest, baby clothes; but most important; wear the clothes you are bringing well before so that they smell of you. And sleep w the babyblanket so it gets that same scent of you. Congrats, IT'S THE BEST! It's one of the few moments in life when you're naturally ABSOLUTELY in the HERE and NOW. And your instinct is the best guide.

  6. hi everyone!

    marirob- i love that advice, thanks.

    mary- the blanket is from aden + anais. they're pricey but seem really well made, so i got a couple for myself and a friend.

    kateortiz- i was thinking the same thing, it seems like a good activity for early labor. plus i'm using/wearing most of what i will want to bring, so it's hard to pack a bag early.

  7. Pack that bag Lena..

    My first was two weeks early, and I had to quickly pack a bag at 4 AM when my water broke and my doctor told me to get to the hospital..

    So excited for you guys!

  8. lena you will use those aden + anais blankets ALL the time. they are totally worth it. i have 4 and use all of them. and they hold up through lots of washings.

    i had bag packed aside from my clothing. alex made me do it ahead of time. glad i did cause i was early – and didn't think i was in labor till dr said to come in!

  9. i'm so excited for you!! i will echo the importance of those aden + anais blankets–we used ours all the time in the early days.
    i will also say that if that bag doesn't get packed in time, it's not really that big of a deal. alden was late and on my second overdue baby checkup, the midwife on duty admitted me and i was stuck with no bag! ian ran home to get it while i was sleeping the next day and we all lived happily ever after. 🙂
    ps–this has become one of my very favorite blogs. can't wait to see little dude up here in his lovely threads!

  10. funny, i don't think my girl wore clothes for the first couple days at least; we just traded her from chest to chest! i guess that's home birth for you – less planning required. 🙂 she did wear those little hats though. we loved the hanna pilot ones, because they didn't slide off inside the moby.

  11. yes get that bag packed. When you start cleaning madly on a micro level (skirtingboards with a toothbrush) you know the arrival is eminent. Good Luck and all the best.

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