because of this blog, i’m finding out about great children’s clothing lines by independent designers. i love these wool jersey pants from mabo! all of their clothing is made with natural fibers– wools and wool jerseys for winter and cottons and linens for summer. they recently partnered with a non-profit called global artisans that trains and hires refugees to help them gain self-sufficiency, and will be adding some of their knits soon.

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  1. i love these! i just came to your blog from a cup of jo and i love your posts! very similar taste to myself.. i just had my 3rd baby.

  2. Lena, it is so inspiring to see someone blogging about baby-wares made with ethical standards and by independent designers.

    I love seeing what you've discovered…and I don't even have kids!

  3. Hi Lena,
    I just found your blog through A cup of Jo, and I'm delighted because I'm expecting my first baby in feb and have been searching for a good source of inspiration 🙂

    I plan on becoming a regular.


  4. These are great! I wish they came in a 24 month size for my little boy.
    I'm really enjoying your posts here; it's inspiring to see these lovely things.

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