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  1. If you read the RSS in Google Reader you can ask Google Reader to translate for you? It's pretty good at it. I use it for Japanese as my Japanese skills aren't good enough yet 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing those images. I agree with Alice, or if you have Google chrome it asks if you would like it translated from French to English when you are log into that blog.

  3. It is a lovely blog, and the children's clothing and shoes are really beautiful! The name of her blog is reminding me of Serge Gainsbourg's song, Laetitia ("L – A – le dans la – t-e-t-i-a!" – – now I'm going to be singing it all day!)

  4. Thanks for the passing on of great blog Im now subscribing I love her angle of photos it really gives a 'in the moment feel' to them. Her children are really cute lovely to think they will have this visual diary of their growing up.

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