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  1. oh yes, carpeting is a crawling baby’s best friend! where are eli’s pants from? now that we have our own washer and dryer, i’m going to attempt cloth diapering from the very beginning.

  2. hey erica,
    i don’t know what brand the pants are- they were a hand me down from a friend and they don’t have a label. i’m going to ask her, because they’re the best! eli has worn them for the past 6 months, or more, and they’re perfect for a cloth diaper bum. yay, glad to hear you’re going with cloth from the beginning! the beginning is the easiest, when you don’t even have to rinse poop off, you can just toss the whole thing in the wash since it’s so liquidy anyway (sorry to gross anyone out). i miss those days, now that we have to use a sprayer in the toilet.

  3. haha, we tried to hook up a sprayer to our toilet in cambridge, but the plumbing is so ancient, it would have required more retrofitting than we wanted to do. i love those pants, they would be so great for cloth diapers. i’m looking forward to ordering tiny prefolds and wool covers. i can’t remember if you used diaper pins on eli as a newborn. i never pricked leon, but i did prick my fingers a couple of times when feeling rushed!

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