thanks momfilter, for interviewing me for their we want to know more about section.

and thanks jaime, for such a nice introduction!

(ps: this photo is a little personal, and i don’t usually post personal photos– but i’ve come to feel strongly, since having eli, that women shouldn’t feel like they need to hide while breastfeeding!)

(pps: the studio photos in the interview are by jen causey for the makers, and the MAPS book photos are by maria vettese for 3191 miles apart)




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  1. love this interview, lena! i am so with you about following your gut. things work until they don’t, and then you figure something else out. i also agree we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide breastfeeding, but it can be hard when you’re the only one nursing and everyone else is using a bottle. these silent messages can be so insidious. cambridge is a very pro-public nursing town, but toronto doesn’t seem to be as much based on my observations over the summer. well, it certainly won’t stop me next spring!

  2. I know you don’t like sharing too much personal info, but I really loved that interview and enjoy hearing about your life — which always seems so idyllic. My son is 2yo and I still have a really hard time w/ the work/life separation.

  3. Hi Lena,

    I’ve been following your blog(s) for some time and loved seeing this interview. It was really comforting for me to hear that you were able to conceive after trying for some time–I’m in a similar boat and always appreciate people’s honesty about these things. So happy for you and thanks for always sharing such beautiful images with the world–such an inspiration…

  4. I too loved reading this interview and seeing/learning a bit more about you, and mostly I wanted to say thank you for posting this photo, it’s encouraging for a very new breastfeeding mother like myself.

  5. a lovely photo and a lovely interview. thanks for sharing lena! p.s. I just finished those same 2 books that you are reading! – and I liked them both, especially “just kids”)

  6. Hi Lena

    Your blog and books have inspired me for so long. I really enjoyed this interview. It’s nice to know a little something more about your life.
    best wishes!

  7. Oh, Lena I really enjoyed the interview. It was simple (in a good way!) and sincere at the same time. I even agree on the wasting food issue; my fridge is always full of small wrapped chinas containing cooked vegetables. I’m preparing a tiny pasta plate with cream cheese and (yesterday) peas just now!
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. i really enjoyed the interview – it’s so nice to get a glimpse into your life as a mother. thank you for sharing. also – i love the photo above – i wish i have more photos of me and my son when i was still breastfeeding him. such a precious and beautiful moment.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your interview! What a sweet image. I definitely wish I had captured some of those quiet moments nursing.

  10. what a great interview lena, it was really nice to hear more about you and your views/experiences. i totally agree with you about going with your gut, i think mother’s intuition is a superpower.
    (and it was a nice surprise to see eli playing with one of my elephants again!! 😉 )

  11. your lovely interview on momfilter just warmed my heart. Congratulations! I have 2 little boys myself, 5 and 17 months and find that the balance of work/home is always a juggling act, and I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. I wanted to make one comment: we recently introduced our 5 year old to Popeye without previewing it first, both having had wholesome memories of it as a child. We are really careful about what screen time we allow our son, so we were absolutely shocked to find that Popeye has some things in it that seem racist and violent in a current context! There are people dressing in blackface, there are questionable depictions of native americans, there is a lot of violence… we had to do some quick backpedaling on it and direct his attention elsewhere. Love the Muppets! (as does the 5 year old.) But as far as screen time goes I have one mantra: preview, preview, preview before sharing with the littles!!!

    • i’m sad to hear that about popeye! though, not surprised now that i think about it. i’ve seen that with other old cartoons… my younger brother loved cartoons from the 50s and most of it was fine but occasionally there would be something racist– awful. thank you for the warning!

  12. I meant to comment about the interview when I first read it then time got away from me. I think it’s rare to read something so honest and insightful. Very comforting and ,as always, inspiring. thanks lena!

  13. just lovely. my 15 month old is just starting to wean himself and seeing this beautiful moment reminds me that i need to capture a similar picture of me and my son before nursing ends for us. thank you for sharing!

  14. hi lena,
    i have never written but i check your two sites frequently — it reinvigorates my love of fabric, and (is it embarrassing to say?) you’ve been influential in my style choices this year. in particular, i look to thrift stores more than i used to because of your inspiration. i have an mfa in fiber from cranbrook, but mostly i explore daily ephemera through photography, drawing, and poetry. i, too, had a (marriage-testing) era of trying to conceive, and for us it took ivf to produce our beautiful just-two-year-old. and i, too, never thought much about breastfeeding in public before having my son, but then suddenly i had a wailing infant in public and there was no other choice, there was not even waiting one extra minute to sit down sometimes. i thought you might enjoy hearing about these three connections. best of luck to you, and happy birthday to eli!

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