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  1. and a sling? do you have one, there are very pretty ones. i recommend a baby sling! all your things look so pretty. a beautiful room.

  2. every thing is so perfect, i love it the wool blanket on the crib especially.

    we had an oeuf bouncer too, and we loved it! it's the most attractive one out there, i think.

  3. Between the polka dots and the mountain prints I am completely swooning. It looks great! Congrats (on the space and the baby!). 🙂

  4. Its looking really lovely Lena. I love the colours you have and the you can see just how nuturing it will be for the new baby. You must be getting close now…. I hope you are feeling really well and getting plenty of 'feet up' time. Thnx for sharing

  5. hi everyone!

    thanks for all the nice comments!!

    the bouncer is ouef, a hand-me-down. i like the way it looks too. we also got a great hand-me-down baby bjorn bouncer.

    the bib is really special. my grandma made it for my brother, and since we're choosing an "E" name too, my mom gave it to me.

    the quilt with the cross was made by josh's grandmother out of his mom's dresses when she was a kid.

    hannna, i do have a couple slings! two different styles, also hand-me-downs.

  6. A gorgeous room indeed… and such a beautiful selection of textiles. I have enjoyed gathering things for my little one too. Exciting times ahead for you.

  7. hand me downs are the best! you know they worked for someone else, it saves you money, and well… i just like a good hand me down. haha.

    i hope when i'm ready to have kids that i can keep the nursery looking as good as you have it set up. none of that crazy pink/blue decoration. i love it! it feels so natural, normal, and very lovely.

  8. I love that you have a Montessori pink tower in his room. I'm a Montessori teacher and love to see parents incorporating the philosophy into their home life. Good luck with the new babe.

  9. hi rendi
    i went to a montessori school and i love all the montessori learning materials. the pink tower was always my favorite– i had to get one!

  10. i really enjoy your mix of vintage and new. i also like the montessori pink tower blocks- my children go to montessori, recognized them right away! 🙂

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