i received some really beautiful clothing for eli from caramel baby & child. the knit jumper is so soft and well made and i love the drop-crotch cut of the pants, perfect for a bigger diaper. i like pink on boys (i’ve said before!) and this top reminds me of a watermelon popsicle. i happened to notice that designer/owner of the caramel baby line, eva karayiannis, was recently featured in the ny times magazine.

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  1. ooh beautiful clothes! i'm always anxious about ordering things from other countries because of duties and slow deliveries, but i should be braver because this shop looks lovely. leon loves wearing pink, too. and oh, eli's soft baby feet are very sweet!

  2. Oh, I absolutely love that line. They have amazing sale prices on their website and I got the cutest little bubble romper for when we have our own child. (I'm one of those people who can't resist setting aside for the future!)

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