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  1. we didn't even have a smart phone, so leon spent his diaper changes pushing all the buttons on my phone. right now i'm learning to balance "whatever works" with "what have i done!?!" bribery and treats worked in the beginning, but now leon is getting clever about expectations, entitlements, and negotiations.

    your quilt is super sweet, by the way.

  2. ahh interesting, erica…. any words of advice from your experience?? should i cut out the bribery to get him to stay still and teach him that he just has to hang tight and be patient?

  3. Ohh yes, I remember this (with the iPhone, though)! No good advices from here – my daughter is 2 years now, and this sort of things are still going on! You just haven't enough energy to discuss everything, I guess.

  4. ha, yes. oh, my max was such a fighter with that. screaming like it was torture. didn't have an ipad then- wish i did looking back 🙂 they really latch on to those- it's freaky how they instinctively know what to do with it as they get a little bigger.
    that's the key to being a mama- balance and not being too rigid in one area- they always say to never bride but i have, and it's worked . . .
    my kids are super well behaved kind & patient people despite my occasional weakness and imperfection 🙂
    i do try to teach patience and calm in other ways (when they're not fighting), and try be that myself as an example. when i was flustered or fighting them – they always fought harder.
    but they're all different . . . and they all go through phases- in a few months he will push you in other ways.
    gotta respect that it probably sucks for him to have to sit still and get clean . . . i wouldn't like it 🙂
    so sweet by the way- adorable.

  5. i love hearing some more thoughts on this… i totally agree that balance and not being too rigid is important… and just going with my instincts instead of worrying too much. usually i hand him a toy, which doesn't feel like a bribe. but there's something about handing him the ipad– it feels a little… bad. he doesn't even really like the ipad very much, but i'm sure that will change. right now, he's all about holding/inspecting something he's never seen before!

  6. yeah, i agree with jamie that they go through phases primarily because they change so much within a short span of time, your parenting style will change too… as he gains verbal skills, you'll teach him to say "please" and "thank you" even for a bribe 😉

    love your quilt too 🙂

  7. Oh, parenting!

    Every baby I know puts up a fight for the diaper change. With our first, we learned to change her while she was standing up – a bit tricky at first, but we soon mastered it. Also, have you tried giving Eli a mirror?; we found that helped.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling a little bad about giving him the ipad; I think every parent has some little shortcut that makes the day a bit easier; I certainly do. I try to keep with my instincts, and really try to let go of the guilt.

    Lovely quilt!


  8. hi Lena! i miss you! Ivo hates diaper changes still. we sing to him a lot, which is distracting. it changes as they get older too – as the comprehension goes up, you can explain what's going on and that sometimes works. that said, there are always stuffed animals at hand, or a hairbrush, or a zillion other things to hand over.

    we stopped doing cloth about a month ago and that cut down on changing table time considerably.


  9. yeah, it's been a battle for a couple of months now with E. a couple of things that we cycle through that seem to work for us (for now):

    – singing, especially familiar songs with some hand motions that E will follow along with

    – we hung a mobile above her changing area which is a good distraction somedays

    – i'll ask her to hold her diaper for me

    i understand your concern and we start to feel the same way when the iphone comes out and E starts to play for the camera, but somedays it really is "whatever works". i think the key is to not make it routine or a habit if you don't feel it's the right thing.

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