a friend sent us the nicest box of hand-me-downs. the fabric in the top image is twin size sheets! i’m looking forward to using them.



i need to toughen up before i do another giveaway here since i felt sad choosing just one winner and i wished that everyone could have the prize! but, i’m happy that the estella gift certificate goes to ciara. thanks everyone for the comments, moms and moms-to-be!


i’m happy to be offering a giveaway from a store that i love: estella in nyc. one person will receive $50 worth of clothing from their new bamboo collection (layette to 18mo). bamboo is supple, stretchy, and absorbs less moisture than other fabric– allowing a baby to move freely and stay drier. also, bamboo is a renewable material that grows quickly and causes less harm to the environment. all of estella’s products are beautiful, and i like to frequent their sale section!

to enter the giveaway, leave a comment with your name and email and answer this question: what baby/kid’s clothing items have you found to be the most practical, that you use day after day? mine are leggings, velcro shoes, and cardigans. i’ll close the giveaway and choose a winner at random on wednesday march 28th.