a friend of mine is a judge for an oregon film festival and one of the movies he is reviewing is birth story: ina may gaskin and the farm midwives so i was able to watch it. the movie is so beautiful and moving, and i could watch it ten times over! i highly recommend it to anyone pregnant– actually to all women really, though i’m not sure where it will be showing or when it will be available to watch online.

i enjoyed this interview with yolanda edwards on cup of jo. i’ve admired yolanda’s work (for cookie magazine, martha stewart living, and her site momfilter) for years. i wonder sometimes what my life would be like if i had continued to work for full-time for big companies. in my mid-twenties i was working my way up as a textile and graphic designer and i was making more money than i do now. sometimes i miss the glamorous side of those jobs (especially the travel). mostly i love the freedom i have now and the varied work i do, but i wish i could lead parallel lives and try both!