britain asked in a comment what i use for a diaper bag, and i use the bucket tote from utility canvas. it met a lot of my criteria when i was looking for a diaper bag– be able to carry on my arm or across my chest, have lots of pockets, be washable, be a practical color/material, and not made with nylon or other synthetic fabric (even though a wipe-able nylon is practical i’m just really picky about natural fabrics). it has pockets on the inside and outside which is really nice for keeping things separated and organized. the only con for me is that it’s sometimes bigger than i need. when i’m going out for the day it’s perfect– but when i’m just going down the street to the playground i often take a regular canvas tote instead. it closes with a snap, not a zipper, which might be a con for some people but i don’t mind.

some thrift store finds for eli’s room… a soccer tapestry made of 3-dimensional dolls (from central america?) and a wooden banana and tomato.